Your career shouldn’t be your purpose. Here is why

Adam Wise
2 min readNov 26, 2023

The answer to this question came for me after the thoughts on “how to build a sustainable world”. Today, the quantity of wars and people involved is increasing day by day. I am a philosopher and I like to use my philosophy on practical issues.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

Nowadays, the main question of young people – what profession should I choose to succeed in life? I think that’s not what they should care about most. In a such fast changing world our goals should be something much more sustainable. In my opinion, we, as an adults must help youth firstly to define for themselves what kind of person they wanna be. Of course the man who doesn’t know the answer for himself can’t teach it for the other. So it’s more societal issue. I believe that everyone from the childhood must be directed by philosophical issues, and I don’t mean here to give problems for children that they can’t handle. The animated movies, games should have such direction.

One of the good examples is the series of Avatar the Last Airbender. Look at issues of self identification in Zuko’s life and inviolable principles of Aang. This kind of entertainment should be widespread.

As a child grows up into teenager, he must be taught for psychology. Everyone should understand what drives him and try to see what drive the others. The finest book for this, in my opinion, is the book of Robert Green “The laws of human nature”. I think it’s wrong to define your profession before knowing how the world works. Only after understanding who he is, a person should choose the work that he wants to be involved in. And here is the thing:

Most things in our professional life don’t depend on us

It depends on politics, economics, problems in the industry, your company, relationship of your boss to you etc. But what kind of person we want to be, depends on us. So I invite you to care more about your values rather than on your achievements. A man who knows himself would never be lost and won’t make world cruel place.