Why what you think is right - is actually wrong

Tip: there is no so such thing as “right”

Adam Wise
1 min readMar 12, 2022
Photo by Elena Mozhvilo

We, as a human kind, want some certainty when we make decisions. We want to know that we are doing right thing. We don’t want to regret. So in order to make right decision, we look for answers from friends, experts, books. But what when we search for answers from others, we don’t really find the right answers, we just find the justification for the answers they give. The best thing others can give is the explanation of their opinion. But is it right thing to do for you? The answer for this question lies in you.

Therefore, when we make decision, we should not try to explain to ourselves, why it is right. If you really want to do something, but you are not sure, whether it’s right or wrong — just do it! But if you later find out that it was wrong — learn from it. Experience is the key for intuition. More experience you have in making decisions on your own, better decisions you will make. So, don’t do thing that you think is right. Do what feels right, or at least what you want.