What’s wrong with the question “whom you want to become?”

Adam Wise
2 min readMar 23, 2019

Adults always ask children this question. In my childhood I used to hear it a lot. Moreover, I have been asking myself this question till yesterday. Whom I truly want to be? What is my call? I have been struggling to find the answer for these question whole my life. There are so many professions in the world, so if one wants to become someone, how can he understand it, without trying it? The insight which came to me tonight is that the question must be “what we want to do in our lives?”

It may seem the similar to you now, but take a look. What is the difference between the questions “whom you want to become” and “what you want to do”? First question is about personality, and the second one is about doing. In order to ‘become’ someone, people often lose themselves as they think that it is the price of becoming successful. But when we understand what we really love doing, nothing holds us from achieving happiness. I think the main problem of 21th century is that people are too influenced by media. Everyone thinks that he must become someone in order to make own life worthy. That he must find true calling, and only then he can become happy. But this is a HUGE mistake! We are already SOMEONE. Every human is unique, and does not matter how much we try to become someone, unless we love ourselves for whom we are. We should think more of “what I love doing” and “what I do the best”, and less of “whom I could become”. It is just wrong question, we can’t become someone else than ourselves. So what I am saying is, profession or certain degree of success will not bring us satisfaction. The questions are: what I want to do for the rest of my life? without what I cannot imagine my life?

Everyone has own character which can never be changed. So let’s not spend our energy on going against the nature, and enjoy working on what we love.