3 steps to take control of your destiny

“Stop looking for right answers”

Adam Wise
3 min readDec 27, 2021
by Marcos Paulo Prado

People usually start with good things, but I want to start with bad. You are going to waste your life and I will tell you why. The number one reason is — you are searching for answers to your questions from others. I don’t mean facts but ideas and tips. Seriously, why do you read and listen to people who are no smarter than you? Do you really believe that people on the internet are that smart? They may write orderly and persuasively but does it guarantee the usefulness of their advices?

The main problem is — you want fast answers. You don’t want to experiment, you don’t want to decide on your own, you don’t want to risk. If I am writing the truth, then you are f***ed up. Life is not about searching for right answers, it’s about living. So go and live your life!

No one knows what is best for you. Everyone just wants to sell what works for him. I am a writer and I hate most of writers. For me, writing is not about filling the internet with another useless information. Its about revealing the truth about life. Making it more understandable and simpler. So how to live the your life?

First of all, turn of all the voices in your head.

If you think there is no voice in your head, you are dead wrong. The voice of your parents — “not to do things”, the voice of your colleagues — “not to do things differently”, the voice of society — “be like everyone”. Are you sure you don’t have these voices? If you admit that they exist then why do you still endure it? Think about what you want to do. Don’t ask why and how, just what YOU want.

Secondly: just do it.

You may find thousand reasons to not doing it, but it takes only one to do. If you always wanted to buy an item you find expensive, just go and buy it, even you are buying it for credit money. Maybe you wanted to draw with oil. Why not try it? Do anything that will make you feel you.

Thirdly: never regret.

When you start living differently than before, its important to stay on the path you chose. Do things that inspire you, don’t let your fears take control over you. If you haven’t yet, then one day you will realise that the life is about feelings you get and you will understand the importance of being foolish.

All of these insights in the internet don’t really help. The answers to your questions lie inside you. If you can’t see them, maybe you are doing something that is not yours? May be you are wasting your life?

Don’t follow people, follow your heart. Seriously. You already know all the answers. I am not saying that you shouldn’t read anything new. Just don’t expect to find the right answer so easily. Take new information into account, but never rely solely on it.

P.S. I know my words can be too abstract to understand, but this is how I found my own path. I have read hundreds of books and thousand of article on how to do things. They really didn’t really help. After reading them I felt as misarable as I was before. Sometimes they gave me some confidence in my knowledge, but never peacefulness. But now, I know who I am and what I want to do. Now, my every suffering is filled with love to life.