How to stay yourself all the time?

Self-help guide

Image: Denise Jones
  1. Always eat and drink what you want. For example, if everyone is having beer, but you want wine and really don’t like beer — don’t drink it just because there is no wine. There is always a choice, you may not drink at all. The choice is yours.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes. Our outfit affects on how we feel. Did you ever noticed that too expensive or bright clothes makes you feel uncomfortable? Try to choose a wear depending on how you want to feel. For example everyday I wear sweater and jeans because I want to feel myself loose but collected.
  3. Speak only about the things you want to speak. I am sure that each of us felt at least once regret of talking shit. At the time, we just try to be nice and keep up the conversation. But the next day we cannot understand why we told what we told. This happens when we are influenced by others and forget our values.
  4. Don’t try hard on building relationships. Relationship cannot be held by one person, it needs effort of both partners. It also applies to friendships. Don’t hold on people that don’t accept you as who you are. There are thousand of opportunities to build real relationships with other people, with people who also understand themselves and let others be true.



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