How social media kills creativity?

Everybody talks about time we waste but there is something else to lose

Adam Wise
2 min readMar 19, 2022
Who cares who took the picture, it’s free to use anyway

Socia networks are everywhere. No day passes without interacting with others by social networks or scrolling the news feed. Why do we do it? The main reason is to be entertained. We search for something cute and funny, so it can boost our moods. But the downside is, it’s sucking energy and creativity from us. Everybody talks about time we waste, but what about creativity? Have you ever noticed that after scrolling the instagram or watching youtube, you don’t have desire to do things? Because, as we consume, we want to consume more. This is never ending cycle. I, as a writer, want to have enough energy to do my job. But as I consume information from news and social media, there left no place for creativity. My brain is busy digesting the information I consume, so the is no energy left.

For many years it used to be okay to be bored. People did a lot of strange thing to deal with boredom, and were creative. Now, people think that they can’t afford themselves to be bored. They think they must always watch or read something. That is bullshit. We must feel bored from time to time. If you don’t believe me, try this. Don’t use social media, or internet at all 1 day. Spend your day offline. You will find out that out of boredom, you will start cleaning your house, writing your book, or whatever you want to do, but always have no energy. Creativity starts where consuming stops.