Why you should read Dostoevsky?

“To go wrong in one’s own way is better than to go right in someone else’s”

Adam Wise
2 min readMar 20, 2022
Photo by: Adam Nemeroff

If you ever read Dostoevsky’s any book, you can see that he never judges people. In contrast, he tries to explain the cause of one’s behavior. Dostoevsky shows that every person has own sufferings which lead to particular decisions. His characters do horrible things but as you see their sufferings you can’t judge them for who they are. In “Crime and Punishment”, Roskolnikov murders two old woman for money. But do we hate him for his act? No, instead we worry for his mind.

I think Dostoevsky has helped thousands of people to overcome depression. Mostly depression comes from self-hatred. But when someone great as Dostoevsky show you that even worse people deserve love, you start to love yourself. You understand that you don’t have to be strict to yourself or anyone else. You are as good as you are. Even when you do bad decisions — you are just a human, you did what you found best. In “ The Brothers Karamazov” right before his death, elder Zosima says “everyone is guilty for everyone and for everything anyone does”. Everyone is responsible for everyone, which means society creates people and we can’t blame people for who they are. If you can’t blame others then how you can blame yourself?

Dostoevsky teaches us to be kinder for ourselves and others, he shows us that everyone deserves to live his own life.