Do you really want to get successful?

Everything has its price. What is the price of success?

Adam Wise
2 min readJan 24, 2022
Image: Cristofer Maximilian

For the record, I am not a successful person in any means. I am just a regular guy. I never achieved anything big in my life. I was not published in newspaper, never had big money or got famous. I am not that interested in being popular to be honest. But I like to think. Thinking is the best thing I can do. When people talk about the price we pay to achieve success, they usually mention hard work and broken relationships. But there is something more important, something that has unique price. That thing is called “self loyalty”.

As you get more popular, you start to depend on people among whom you are popular. Let’s take us, writers on Medium. Do most popular writers here write the things they want? Do their words come from heart or calculation? As years go by, I started realizing that all this years my inner voice told me not to do things that everyone did. Success isn’t the case. I guess true success is spending your life on being yourself, living your own life with all of its hopes and dissappointments.

Our time is limited, so why waste it living someone else’s life?