Chasing your desires will make you misarable. Here what you should do instead

Adam Wise
2 min readJun 10, 2022
Samantha Gades on Unsplash

How to live a good life? To answer this question I have spend whole bunch of time as I find it the most important one. Mainly there are two answers. You live doing things you should do or you live doing things you want to do. Let’s consider each of them.

How do we know what we should do, in other words, what is good for us? Firstly we must remember — we know only things we know. We can’t know everything, so if there is something good for us, but we aren’t familiar with it, how can we do or get it. Our intellegence is finite, so we can’t know the whole truth. Therefore, we can’t know what is best for us.

Second way to live is doing what we want. We all know what consequences has doing everything as you like, ignoring others’ desires. But the thing which is more important is that our desires tend to change. Once we get one thing, we want another. Moreover, our desires can be manipulated. In the end of our journey, we may find ourselves lonely and miserable, which is not what we want.

So how to live having less regrets? What I found is something simple but effective. I believe that everyone should do what he/she does the best. If you like something, but you are awful in it — don’t do it! There are so many people who has wrong desires and dreams because of media propaganda. Find what you is easier to do than for others and just do it. This will save you a lot of time and energy. Life is short. I personally, don’t believe that someone can achieve greatness in something what isn’t natural for him.

If you are inspired by actors, but you have awful acting skills, please don’t do it. You are probably being manipulated.

I think everyone should aim to be himself. And we are not our desires, not really. We are not even our thoughts. We are who we are. We are what is our nature is. Don’t fight the nature, you will lose. But doing what comes for you effortsless, you don’t only do good for others by helping them, but also for yourself, as you can earn more and save time for your leisure. Life is not about chasing dream. Mind is delusional, trust your nature.

P.S. I can’t write long texts but hope I could deliver the message