5 things to do to keep yourself inspired

  1. Be open to new information. It’s really hard to grow, when you do not challenge your knowledge. It does not really matter how right or wrong I am. The value of the information lies in its usefulness.
  2. Speak up your mind. When I have different position on topic I try explain my own. My view may be unpopular, but for me its more important to stay true to myself.
  3. Accept new challenges. I cannot know what I am capable of until I do it. Sometimes its important to not assume anything and just give it a try.
  4. Remember your mortality. When I think about the limitation of time I have, I want to act. Life passes whether I want it or not, no matter what I am doing.
  5. Write. Everything I know, I try to share with my notes and stories. I believe my works can help someone to understand the life a little bit better, and that inspires me most. It helps me to feel that my life matters.



Sharing own ideas

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